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solar installation photoAbout Us

Pool Pro Solar is the leading supplier of ready to install pool heating kits in the country. Our programs and easy to use website was designed to help pool contractors up sell their customers with a quality heating system with a 10 year warranty and increase your profit on every pool.

We can help walk your installers through the first install.

Pool Pro’s technical staff are standing by to help with any installation question your employees might have when installing our products.

Our proven system is the direct result of experience with well over 2000 actual units in the field in the homes of our customers. The criteria are:

  • Quality of Materials and Workmanship
  • Reliability
  • Phone response to service or warranty issues
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency

Since 1983, Pool Pro Solar has supplied the highest-quality solar pool heating system in the world. Customers worldwide have enjoyed a longer swimming season with free heat from the sun. Vortex and Pool Pro Solar partneringhas heated swimming pools in all types of climatic conditions, from hot and arid climates to cold, harsh climates.

Pool Pro Solar maintains its position as one of the world's largest suppliers of solar pool heating systems by offering customers unsurpassed value and reliability. Customers enjoy an extended or even year-round swimming season while dramatically reducing or eliminating their pool heating expenses.


Have big projects you don’t think you can handle? We are here to help with in-house engineering and installations if needed.