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Training and Installation

Solar Pool Heating is a very simple yet very cost-effective way of heating a pool. Learn about the product and how to size it with our easy-to-use sizing tools.

Product Information
Sizing the systems
Reseller Pricing

Product Information

Vortex solar pool heaters are commercial-grade polypropylene plastic panels that come with all the necessary parts to attach to a roof or to a ground rack and to connecto to piping. Panels have Carbon Black to absorb solar energy and inhibitors which act like a sunscreen to prevent deterioration.

    • Increase temperature average 15 - 20°
    • 10 year warranty
    • For in-ground or above-ground pools
    • Panel sizes in feet: 4 x 8 - 4 x 10 - 4 x 12 and custom
    • Average installation takes about 6 - 8 hours

» Vortex Solar Panels Brochure
» Vortex Solar Panels Specification Sheet
» Compare Solar Pool Heaters to other heaters
» Vortex Install Manual
» Ground Rack Diagram
» Roof Diagram
» Typical Solar System Plumbing Schematic
» Vacuum Breaker Assembly Instructions

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Sizing the system

In order to determine what size solar heater will be required to adequately heat the pool to the desired temperature, many factors come in to play; size of pool, % of shade, etc. We have created an easy-to use calculator that makes it a snap to determine system size required:

» System Sizing - Automatic Calculator
» System Sizing - Manual Worksheet
» Quick sizing chart

Reseller Program

The purpose of the Pool Pro Solar Reseller Program is to reward contractors or resellers for repeat and volume purchases. Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Territories are available world-wide. Please click here for details