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Solar Systems
About Solar Pool Heating Technology

Solar Pool Heating is one of the simplest yet also one of the most cost-effective of the solar technologies. Water is pumped from the pool to the solar collectors where the water is then heated by the sun. The warm water is then pumped back into the swimming pool. Click on the image to the left to learn more.

Solar Systems
Complete Solar Systems

VORTEX™ Solar Pool Heater Packages include everything necessary for a complete installation. Standard packages include the solar panels and the hardware kits for connecting and mounting the panels. Deluxe and Premium packages offer more inclusive hardware kits that incorporate plumbing and control components.

hardware kits
Hardware Kits

Kits include the necessary parts required for connecting the panels together, mounting the system to different surfaces, connecting the system to the existing pool plumbing and parts & supplies for circumventing obstruction.

Parts and Supplies

Individual parts and supplies are also available for customizing your solar pool heater installation.