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Why Solar?

capture the sun

Every customer in your data base is a potential sale, if not for a new system, you can service and replace the existing system.

Installing a solar program fits in your current skill set. Now it’s time to take advantage of your talents.

Why pay someone else to install a solar system and have them make the profit? In as little as 4 to 6 hours - the average installation time - you can make make an extra $2,500 on a job.

Let us show you how!

Download the forms, customize them and start making money.

  • Expand you business market share
  • Increase profit margin per customer
  • Average installation will take 6 - 8 hours
  • On the job site training with one of our experts
  • In house tech service
  • 30 years in the business and BBB rated A+
  • Customers may qualify for local or state incentives

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Training and Installation